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Artistic Masons are


in Brick & Mortar Restoration & Concrete Resurfacing

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can update brick with our

Fabulous French Frost

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Artistic Masons

can take your subdivisions entry





Artistic Masons exists to provide innovative products and unique applications to enhance the beauty and value of our client’s property.

Brick & Mortar Restoration

Perfect color matches & no tear out needed


Pool Deck Transformation

Our hand carved stone can transform damaged concrete or aggregate


Patio Restoration

You don't have to live with stamped or ugly concrete.


Cast Stone Repair

We can repair & clean cast stone without replacing.


Foundation Restoration

Spalling on foundations & corner pops are restored like new.


Historical Restoration

Brick discontinued, damaged or discolored? We have solutions.


French Frost

Hate the color of your brick, we can change the look.


Commercial Projects

Damage to brick or stone can be made new again.



Our team creates innovative solutions to masonry problems. We value our customers and work hard to establish relationships that will last a lifetime.

Paulette Mason

Paulette Mason

CEO, Executive Director of New Product Development

Paulette is an entrepreneur and visionary who founded  Artistic Masons in her garage in 1994.  She helped start and ran several successful companies before combining  her artistic ability with unique products and processes to solve problems in the construction industry.

Laurie Wissinger

Laurie Wissinger

Director of Business Operations

Laurie comes to us with 25 years of administrative experience and an amazing gift of communication which greatly benefits  our employees and  customers.  Her focus is project management, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Tammi Estremo

Tammi Estremo

Projects Manager & Quality Control

Tammi is our Quality Control Inspector and is expert in design and color to make sure your project is an enjoyable experiences and turns out just the way you want.   She has been with Artistic Masons for 12 years and has knowledge of every aspect of the business.

Salvatore J Estremo

Salvatore J Estremo

Director of Sales

 Sal has been with Artistic Masons for 6 years and is our go to person for questions about repairs.   He has had years of experience  with Artistic Masons in all types of repairs as well as project management,  before becoming our Sales Manager.


Artistic Masons provides artistic, natural looking resurfacing solutions and brick and stone repair that transforms outdated fireplaces, concrete patios, walkways, floors and walls. We replicate the appearance, texture and durability of authentic brick, mortar or stone. Our proprietary methods and products include patented cement products rated at 4200psi - pounds per square inch, with a bonding agent. Artistic Masons have updated Old World techniques into 20th century technology to produce exceptionally beautiful stone overlays that are long lasting, yet inexpensive. Artistic Masons offers turnkey remodeling and resurfacing solutions for realtors, multi-family property investors, home inspectors, remodelers, architects, interior designers, foundation repair companies and homeowners. With the flexibility of custom color offerings, speed of implementation and artistic creativity, Artistic Masons can meet the needs of renovation experts to solve many problems quickly and efficiently such new brick replacement that doesn’t match the original brick. We have you covered.


“They were very good! They did all of the work in a day. They Came right away. They did the work quickly and did a fantastic job.”

“Repaired crack in bricks and mortar caused by foundation problem. Also repaired several other smaller cracks. Fine job- matched colors so that repairs are not noticeable. Also appreciate their businesslike way in communicating as to how and when we could expect them at the job.”


AWESOME JOB!  Great estimators, office staff and masons.  The masons were super friendly, neat, tidy, good communicators and had RAD Masonry skills.

I am a general contractor and I rarely do feed back, but these guys were awesome.   I’ve seen a lot of people that are good with the talking part but are lacking when it comes to getting done with the work.  Artistic Masons are the Real Deal.

I would still pick them if I had to do it over again or have more work in the future.  Would I recommend them, YES!  They addressed the technical issues along with the cosmetic issues to ensure a quality job. I’ve got my RAD front porch back again.

The Difference

We do same day scheduling for estimates and upon completion of BID we strive to get job scheduled in 24-48 hours. 

We do not finalize any sale without a client walk through and 100% customer satisfaction upon completion.

We will come out and touch up repairs for a minimal trip charge for up to a year on brick and mortar and for up to 5 years on color restoration and overlays.

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