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About Us

Artistic Masons offers turnkey remodeling and resurfacing solutions for realtors, multi-family property investors, home inspectors, remodelers, architects, interior designers, foundation repair companies and homeowners. With the flexibility of custom color offerings, speed of implementation and artistic creativity, Artistic Masons can meet the needs of renovation experts to solve many problems quickly and efficiently.

Our Mission

Artistic Masons exists to provide innovative products and unique applications to enhance the beauty and value of our client’s property.


Our Success Metric

Our repairs should be undetectable when a job is complete.


Our Commitment

Quality People

We believe that the great products we sell are only as good as the character of the people behind the products. Our company works hard to lead with integrity and hire the same. We value our workers and spend time and resources carefully training and certifying them to perform the best job in a time respective manner for each client.

Quality Products

We have worked for over two decades to create unmatched compounds and colors that provide seamless restorative results on brick, mortar, and concrete. Our products are exponentially stronger than traditional concrete and mortar and far outlive tradition brick and concrete repairs.

Quality Care

We value our customers. Since our inception, we have believed and trained every employee with the formula: great people providing great products will yield great results. They know that no job is complete until the client is completely satisfied, and since 1994 we have thousands of satisfied customers and referrals to undergird this commitment of quality and value.

Our Service Portfolio

  • Restorative brick and mortar work
  • Pool deck repair (commercial and residential)
  • Patio crack and surface repair and recoloring
  • Decorative brick and stone overlays
  • Foundation corner restoration
  • French Frost & New Orleans Frost on existing brick
  • Color restoration on stained or damaged brick, mortar, or stone
  • Cast stone repair (without replacement)
  • Historical restoration to brick or stone buildings


Our Products

Brick and mortar restoration

We use an industry-surpassing compound that provides seamless repair work to cracked brick and mortar on a structure or on a sidewalk or driveway. Traditional mortar is rated at 750 psi; our product is rated at 4200 psi.

Concrete restoration

Our concrete mixture provides repairs in cracked or broken concrete and that are virtually undetectable. Traditional concrete is rated at 2500 psi; our concrete product is engineered to a 4200 psi rating.

Brick, mortar, and concrete painting/staining

We worked diligently to create paint products that perfectly match existing colors and sustain through the changing weather climates of North Texas. These products should not fade, peel, or chip when properly applied, and our paints have a twenty-year life expectancy rate. Our paints are also heat, slip, and mildew resistant and never require a sealant.


Paulette Mason

CEO, Executive Director of New Product Development

Laurie Wissinger

Director of Business Operations

Salvatore J Estremo

Director of Sales

Tammi Estremo

Projects Manager& Quality Control

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