Chateaux of Allen Condos

Rust Removal Before

Rust Removal After


Color Matching

Each brick is carefully stained by the hand of an Artistic Mason. Our guys are thoroughly trained and tested prior to becoming Certified Restoration Specialists.  Our proprietary masonry stains and masonry paint products are mildew and fade resistant.  We can get perfect matches 99% of the time, even on old historical brick.

Brick Mismatch Color Before

Brick Mismatch Color After

Mailbox Before

Mailbox After

Water Faucet Before

Water Faucet After


New Home

What do you do when you discover the wrong stone was installed on your new home? Call Artistic Masons. No need for tear out, with our masonry stain and paint products we can match any color or create a color you like. Our products are mildew, stain, and fade resistant and we have pictures of jobs we did in 1994 and the color still looks great.




Highland Home Neighborhood

What do you do when you find the home you want to buy has mismatched brick? Call Artistic Masons and we can stain the brick creating a cohesive, consistent look that you will love. Want the entire color changed, we can do that too, just choose a brick color you like and we will replicate it and give you a warranty.

Close-up Before

Close-up After

Full View Before

Full View After


No tear out was needed on this older home in Highland Park.

Front Door Entry Before

Front Door Entry After



To clean this entry, Artistic Mason pressure washed the surface on the travertine walkway and cast stone columns. Repairs were made and the columns were stained. Because our stain products are mildew resistant the columns will stay beautiful for many, many years. What a transformation.

Vance Side Before


Vance Side After





LV Pool

A door was installed on this pool deck.

The mason who did the work left messy mortar and was asked to clean it off.  He used Muriatic Acid that took all the color off the bricks.  Artistic Masons restained the brick to its original color.  We have before and after photos of jobs that have been on for 25 years without fading, staining or peeling. 




SW Corner