A new stadium and 4 story parking garage was built for Texas Christian University. The CMU block on the garage was discolored Artistic Masons was contracted and got to work staining 8,000 blocks gold. Now the garage looks amazing.




Top Floor Before Crew Working

Work in Progress

Window View After


Scott & Reid

This building was being remodeled and there were gaps in the brick as well as where brass signs had been removed. The brick was very discolored. Artistic Masons brought it back to Like New condition.

Center Column Before

Center Column After

Front Column Before

Front Column After

Middle Column Before

Full View


Prestonwood Church

The front entry had problems with the cement cracking and causing trip hazards. Artistic Masons leveled out the entry and created a two tone texture. If any damage were to occur in the future, repairs can be made to match exactly, even if it’s 10 years late.

Close-up Before

Close-up After

Prestonwood Church After

Prestonwood Church After


Everman Joe C Bean High School

Everman High School made a huge addition to their existing school. Artistic Masons was called to create a cohesive look between the new buildings and the old buildings. The bottom half of the older buildings were re-stained to match and now the entire school looks new.

Everman Joe C Bean High School
Dan Meyer Dr.
Everman, TX. 76140
Phone 817-568-5200

Close-up Before

Close-up After

East View Before

East View After

Sal at Everman School

Full View


Gateway Shopping Center

9607 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX  78759

The owners of Gateway Shopping Centers wanted to update the look.  The architect called Artistic Masons to create their vision..

Saks 5th Red Brick Before

Saks 5th Red Brick After

CEO Paulette Mason is taking a ride on the Boom with the guys

Gateway Shopping Center at night

Saks Fifth Avenue Austin, TX

Gateway Shopping Center 2016


Parkway Estates

This 2005 subdivision upgrade created three elegant entries that are vandal proof and low maintenance. It still looks great years later.

Parkway Estates Locations:
Coit & Wyeth Dr
Coit & Cross Bend Rd
Plano, TX 75023




Greenvue Apartments Richardson, TX

There are 10 apartment buildings in this complex. During construction some of the bricks were the wrong color. We recolored everything to match and did any repairs that were needed.




Apts. Richardson, TX